Echizen crab dishes (seasonal)


“Crabs make people silent.”

From November to March, we offer various Echizen crab dishes. We offer “Kama-age” where you can boil a whole crab in our store. “Kani-sashi” with irresistible sweetness. “Kani-shabu / Kani-zosui” with rich umami. And course meals where you can enjoy every last bit of the crab. Please enjoy the Echizen crab that Fukui is proud of.

Opening Hours: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (Last Order at 1:30 PM)
Weekend Opening Hours: 17:30〜21:00(L.O20:30)

*Please check the official website’s announcement section for any temporary closures or substitute holidays.

[Regarding Rental Use for Groups]
We accept rental use for events such as Buddhist memorial services, welcome/farewell parties, and tours organized by travel agencies. We are also equipped with projectors and screens. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We use live crabs at our restaurant and our staff also provides crab peeling services in front of the customers. It is recommended to make a reservation at least 2 business days in advance for smooth service.
*Please note that without a reservation, it may take about an hour until the crab is boiled.

crab rice bowl

せいこがにの海鮮蟹ちらし / Seikogani Seafood Crab Chirashi

国内最上級品質の三国産せいこがにを使用。毎年、大好評の蟹ランチ。毎朝、生きた蟹を茹蟹専用に開発した特別な塩で茹で上げ、職人が一匹一匹丁寧に手剥きした身や珍味部分を使用します。(小)2,800円/(中)3,800円/(大)5,000円/(特)6,400円 ※写真は中です。

Annual Bestselling Crab Lunch. We carefully boil live crabs every morning using a special salt developed exclusively for boiling, and our skilled artisans hand-peel the meat and use the delicate parts for the dish. (Small) ¥2,800 / (Medium) ¥3,800 / (Large) ¥5,000


せいこがにの蟹尽くし丼 / Seikogani Crab Deluxe Bowl

せいこがに好きにはたまらない蟹尽くし丼。毎朝、生きた蟹を茹蟹専用に開発した特別な塩で茹で上げ、職人が一匹一匹丁寧に手剥きした身や珍味部分を使用します。(小)6,800円/(中)9,800円/(大)13,000円/(特)16,400円 ※写真は小です。

For crab enthusiasts, we have an irresistible "Kani-zukushi Don" (Crab Delight Bowl). Every morning, we boil live crabs using a specially developed salt for boiling, and our skilled artisans carefully hand-peel the meat and use the delicate parts for the dish. (Small) ¥6,800 / (Medium) ¥9,800 / (Large) ¥13,000. *The photo is of the small size.


越前がにの海鮮蟹ちらし / Echizen Crab Seafood Chirashi

国内最上級品質の三国産越前がにを使用。毎朝、生きた蟹を茹蟹専用に開発した特別な塩で茹で上げ、職人が一匹一匹丁寧に手剥きした身や珍味部分を使用します。(小)4,800円/(中)5,800円/(大)7,000円/(特)8,400円 ※写真は中です。

Every morning, we boil live crabs using a specially developed salt for boiling, and our skilled artisans carefully hand-peel the meat and use the delicate parts for the dish. (Small) ¥4,800 tax included / (Medium) ¥5,800 tax included / (Large) ¥7,000 tax included.


越前がにの蟹尽くし丼 / Echizen Gani Crab Deluxe Bowl

ブランド黄色タグ付き越前がにを贅沢に使用した蟹尽くし丼。毎朝、生きた蟹を茹蟹専用に開発した特別な塩で茹で上げ、職人が一匹一匹丁寧に手剥きした身や味噌を和えたものを使用します。(小)8,800円/(中)11,800円/(大)15,800円/(特)20,800円 ※写真は中です。

A luxurious "Kani-zukushi Don" (Crab Delight Bowl) made with premium Echizen-gani crab featuring a branded yellow tag. Every morning, we boil live crabs using a specially developed salt for boiling, and our skilled artisans carefully hand-peel the meat and use the seasoned miso paste. (Small) ¥8,800 tax included / (Medium) ¥11,800 tax included / (Large) ¥15,800 tax included.




4,000 円





crab set meal

越前がにの甲羅盛り御膳 / Echizen-crab Shell Feast Set Meal

越前がにの漁期(11~3月)は終了した後も提供することが出来る「越前がにを使用した御膳料理」。本日のお造り3種に甲羅盛りが付いた御膳。ツアー旅行や法事、接待などのご会食でも好評です。(小)18,000円、(中)22,000円、(大)25,000円、(特)30,000円 ※当店は、三国エリアで唯一漁期以外でも「越前がに料理」を提供しております。

We offer a special set meal featuring Echizen crab even after the fishing season (November to March) has ended. Today's assorted sashimi platter with a crab shell mound is also available. It is well-received for banquet settings such as tour trips, memorial services, and receptions. (Small) ¥18,000, (Medium) ¥22,000, (Large) ¥25,000, (Special) ¥30,000.*Please note that our establishment is the only one in the Mikuni area that offers "Echizen crab cuisine" even outside of the fishing season.


春かに御膳 / Spring crab set meal


A vibrant new crab dish is debuting in spring! It uses an entire Echizen crab and includes boiled crab, crab sashimi, and grilled crab, allowing you to enjoy all the different preparations. We offer it at a great price, so please make your reservation early!


せいこがにの甲羅盛り御膳 / Seikogani Shell Feast Set Meal

本日のお造り3種に甲羅盛りが付いた御膳。年間で1000食以上出る超人気の甲羅盛り御膳!めおと蟹グラタン1,000円のトッピングで更に豪華にできます。売切れになる日もございますので事前のご予約をお勧めします。ツアー旅行や法事、接待などのご会食でも好評です。(小170g)5,400円、(中180g)6,000円、(大190g)6,600円、(特200g)7,200円 ※写真は中です。

Our extremely popular "Koura-zumari Gozen" (Crab Shell Platter) sells over 1,000 servings annually! As it may sell out on certain days, we highly recommend making a reservation in advance. It is well-received for various occasions such as tour trips, memorial services, and business entertainments. (Koura Small: 170g) ¥5,400, (Koura Medium: 180g) ¥6,000, (Koura Large: 190g) ¥6,600.


釜揚げせいこがに御膳 / Seikogani Boiled Crab Set Meal


Our popular "Seikoga-ni" Gozen is perfect for those who want to enjoy the experience of peeling the crab themselves. (Small: 200g) ¥5,600, (Medium: 210g) ¥6,200, (Large: 220g) ¥6,800.


水蟹御膳 / Mizugani Boiled Crab Set Meal


It is known as "water crab" and becomes an affordable crab beloved by the local people. It's a seasonal delicacy that is only available for about a month after being released every year on February 20th. While you can't enjoy crab miso, the meat has a light and easy-to-eat flavor. We offer crab peeling tool sets. The amount is equivalent to half of the crab's body for each "shoulder" (unit).


せいこがにの蟹釜飯御膳 / Seikogani Crab Kamameshi Set Meal


Our special Kama Meshi Gozen features a whole "Seikoga-ni" crab that is freshly boiled in the morning, ensuring exceptional freshness and flavor. Please note that it takes approximately 40 minutes to prepare this dish, so we appreciate your understanding. Additionally, we have limited daily availability, and there is a possibility of it selling out. To secure your meal, we highly recommend making a reservation in advance if you don't want to miss out.


せいげ御膳(蟹の郷土料理) / Local Cuisine with Echizen Crab


"Seige" is a regional dish that originated from the practice of fishermen using shells as makeshift plates to eat their meals on board. It later evolved into a local specialty dish featuring "Echizen-gani" (snow crab). We offer the Seige Gozen, which includes a whole crab. The prices are as follows: (Small: 170g) 5,800 yen, (Medium: 180g) 6,400 yen, (Large: 190g) 7,000 yen.



boiled crab

釜揚げ越前がに / Boiled Echizen Crab


Introducing our specialty dish, "Kamaage Echizen-gani" - Echizen snow crab boiled using our special salt exclusively designed for boiling. We carefully control the boiling process using our secret technique to ensure the perfect texture and flavor. Upon request, our staff will provide tableside crab cracking service right in front of you.


越前がにの甲羅盛り(単品) / Echizen Crab Shell Dish


Introducing our popular dish, "Echizen Zuwai-gani Kani-gara Mori" - a delightful presentation of fresh Echizen snow crab served in its shell. We boil the crab every morning to serve you the freshly prepared kani-gara mori, a feast for the eyes and taste buds.


釜揚げせいこ蟹 / Boiled Seikogani Crab


Introducing our specialty dish, "Kama-age Echizen-gani" - a delectable preparation of Echizen snow crab boiled to perfection using our specially crafted salt and our secret boiling technique. With every order of Kama-age Echizen-gani, we provide a complimentary shell-cracking tool set for your convenience. Enjoy the succulent flavors of our expertly prepared crab dish!


せいこ蟹の甲羅盛り(単品) / Seikogani Crab Shell Dish


Introducing our popular dish, "Seiko-gani no Kōra-mori" - a delightful presentation of Seiko crab served in its shell, perfect for those who prefer not to peel the crab themselves. Each morning, we boil the crab to perfection and serve it in its freshly prepared shell. Indulge in the flavors of our Seiko crab, expertly cooked and ready to be enjoyed.









grilled crab / crab sashimi

焼蟹グリル / Grilled Echizen Crab dish


We take great care in preparing our dish to ensure the most delicious flavor for our customers. We use two different cooking methods to achieve the perfect balance of tenderness and juiciness. The crab is cooked to perfection, with precise grilling techniques. We use the entire crab, including the leg joints, claw meat, arm meat, small pincers, and crab miso, which can be enjoyed as a grilled crab dish. The large crab legs can also be served as a sashimi-style dish called "Kanisashi" upon your request. Please feel free to let us know your preference.


蟹刺し‐花咲仕立て‐ / Sashimi of Echizen Crab


Our Shabu-Shabu-style crab dish offers a delightful and tender texture that you can savor. It is a highly popular crab dish with a high rate of customer satisfaction. Our staff will provide detailed instructions and guidance on how to enjoy it to the fullest. Please note that this particular order includes the entire crab served specifically for Shabu-Shabu, allowing you to enjoy the crab in a hot pot style.



crab miso hotpot

名物蟹料理「蟹味噌しゃぶ」/ Echizen Crab Shabu-Shabu


Our Shabu-Shabu-style crab dish offers a delightful and tender texture that you can savor. It is a highly popular crab dish with a high rate of customer satisfaction. Our staff will provide detailed instructions and guidance on how to enjoy it to the fullest. Please note that this particular order includes the entire crab served specifically for Shabu-Shabu, allowing you to enjoy the crab in a hot pot style.


蟹雑炊セット / Echizen Gani's Zosui (Crab Rice Soup)


A set to fully enjoy Echizen, including Zosui (rice porridge).



Other crab dishes

濃厚!めおと蟹グラタン / Echizen Gani Gratin


A popular gratin dish made with Echizen-gani (Echizen crab) and Seikogani (Seiko crab).


ちろり熱燗 蟹酒 / Echizen Gani Hot Sake


Hot sake infused with the savory aroma of grilled crab.



crab course menu

せいこ蟹コース / Seikogani Crab Course

前菜、茶碗蒸し、名物そば、甘海老のお造り、蟹の郷土料理(せいげ)、茹蟹、蟹グラタン、海鮮蟹ちらし、デザート ※事前予約で甲羅盛りで提供可

Appetizer, Chawanmushi, Specialty soba, shrimp sashimi, Boiled crab, Crab gratin, Seafood and crab chirashi, Dessert

1名様 9,620~16,220円

ずわい蟹コース / Echizen Gani Crab Course

前菜、茶碗蒸し、名物そば、甘海老のお造り、蟹の郷土料理(せいげ)、茹蟹、蟹グラタン、海鮮蟹ちらし、デザート ※事前予約で甲羅盛りで提供可

Crab appetizer, crab chawanmushi (savory egg custard with crab), crab soba (buckwheat noodles with crab), assorted sashimi platter including crab, crab gratin, boiled Echizen-gani (male snow crab), crab kamameshi (kettle-cooked rice with crab), soup, and dessert.

1名様 16,820~106,820円

贅沢めおと蟹コース / Echizen Gani Crab &Seikogani Crab Course

前菜、茶碗蒸し、名物そば、甘海老のお造り、蟹の郷土料理(せいげ)、茹蟹(ずわい蟹&せいこ蟹)、蟹グラタン、海鮮蟹ちらし、デザート ※事前予約で甲羅盛りで提供可

Appetizer, Chawanmushi, Signature soba, shrimp sashimi, Boiled crab(Echizen-gani and Seiko-gani), Crab gratin, Seafood and crab chirashi, Dessert

1名様 19,620~116,220円

元祖!蟹味噌しゃぶコース / Echizen Crab Shabu-Shabu Course


Appetizer, Chawanmushi, Specialty soba, Sweet shrimp sashimi, Crab miso hot pot, Crab gratin, Crab rice porridge, Dessert

1名様 24,820~106,820円

越前がにフルコース/ Echizen Crab Full Course

前菜、茶碗蒸し、名物そば、甘海老のお造り、蟹の郷土料理(せいげ)、蟹刺し、茹蟹、焼蟹、蟹グラタン、海鮮蟹ちらし、デザート ※2名様から提供。事前予約で甲羅盛りで提供可

Crab appetizer, Crab chawanmushi, Crab soba, shrimp sashimi, Crab sashimi, Boiled crab, Grilled crab, Crab gratin, Seafood and crab chirashi , Dessert

1名様 36,820~106,820円

越前がにフルコース 極み / The Most Expensive Echizen Crab Full Course

前菜、茶碗蒸し、名物そば、甘海老のお造り、蟹刺し、茹蟹、焼蟹、蟹グラタン、海鮮蟹ちらし、デザート ※2名様から提供可


1名様 300,000~500,000円


地震の影響で沢山のキャンセルや自粛の雰囲気が蔓延する中、行き場の失った蟹を地元三国の老舗仲買人の協力の元、市場から適正価格で仕入れ「被災地応援企画!越前がに×加能がに食べ比べセット」として販売致します。令和6年1月14日(日)~ lunch、dinnerの両方の時間帯で提供致します。事前のご予約をお願い致します。※どちらか一方の蟹が売切れになる場合がございます。その場合、食べ比べは出来なくなりますが、同種の蟹を2杯ご用意いたします。震災で影響を受けた漁業者の応援が目的となりますので、予めご了承ください。皆様のご来店、心よりお待ちしております!

越前がに1杯、加能がに1杯 計2杯 ※計1㎏弱程度の茹蟹でご提供致します。