An inn that combines the majestic sunset with the delicious cuisine of Hokuriku, in a Japanese-style setting.

“Oberge” refers to a restaurant located in rural or suburban areas, which also provides accommodation facilities. In our establishment, we have modernized the traditional Japanese way of living and arranged it into a contemporary style. Our focus is on “Echizen Kitamae cuisine,” which is a Japanese-style cuisine centered around seasonal ingredients and drinks. Whether you’re with your family, spouse, friends, or colleagues, you can enjoy your time here in your own way.


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Enjoy Echizen Kitamae cuisine with the footsteps of the Kitamaebune”

If you would like to taste Echizen crabs in Fukui, please visit Mikuni Hermitage, which was once a gathering place for sailors of Kitamae ships, local fishermen, and the community, where they enjoyed conversations and entertainment. Through Echizen crab dishes, accommodation, and fish purchasing, we aim to become a store loved by many people.


Enjoy a lunch featuring fresh seafood directly sourced from the market and local seasonal ingredients.

Day trip use available.


A course featuring exceptionally fresh banquet cuisine delivered directly from fishermen and female divers. This luxurious course utilizes carefully selected local ingredients, promoting consumption and production within the same region.

Available for day use.


Please enjoy the exceptional freshness of “Echizen Crab,” caught in the waters of the San’koku Port and presented to the imperial family.

Available for day use. Limited time offer (November to March).


A fully private accommodation is available for your special moments.

Starting from winter 2022, we will only offer a plan for renting the entire house. You can enjoy the Echizen-Kaga cuisine prepared exclusively for guests and the Hiba bath filled with natural hot springs from Mikuni. There are three twin rooms available for you to choose from. In addition, from April to September, dinner can be changed to an outdoor BBQ course, making it perfect for group and family trips.


Enjoy the abundant nature and the four seasons, and create unforgettable memories through our experiential programs.

We offer approximately 8 types of experiential programs, including those organized by our hotel and those in collaboration with external partners. With different program structures for each season, you can enjoy them throughout the year.